Here's What Makes Us Different...

1. Our Goal
To deliver a clean sparkling car in an expeditous manner, we use a perfect balance of high pressure sprayers, safe solutions and soft cloths.The most notable difference between a Hand Car Wash and the Traditional automated wash is the absence of car washing equipment in the tunnel which eliminates any possibility for surface scratches.

2. Friendly, Caring Employees
Taking genuine interest in our customers is our primary mission.

3. Rain Guarantee
According to EPA scientists, acid rain damage to the car's finish is widespread. The car wahs industry now urges motorist to wash cars after a rainfall in order to removeacid containing rainwater. To help our customers who washed their cars within 24 hours of rainfall, we will re-wash their car without charge (total lapse time is 48 hrs. from wash; please save reciept).

4. Environmentally Safe
Professional equipment enables AAA to clean your car thoroughly with a fraction of the water a home car wash uses. Home washing also releases contaminated water. Our solutions are organic, non-toxic and biodegradable.

5. Open Everyday To Serve You
Open seven days a week to clean and protect your vehicles... even on holidays.